King Baby in the Fast Lane

Recently, King Baby has partnered with Rolex Series racing champion and Sigal Sport team manager, Gene Sigal. Gene, being a long time fan of King Baby, has always wanted to show his love for the brand and finally has with his new King Baby adorned Porsche! Within the last year, Gene is back to racing stronger than ever! Watch out for this road hog!

V-Day at K-Baby Studio!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and King Baby Studio is ready to rock out with you and your loved ones! In addition to it being designer/owner Mitchell Binder’s birthday, February 14 became a lover’s day around the high middle ages in the circle of Chaucer, and courtly love really began flourishing in the 15th century with affections such as flowers, sweets, and letters. Some of our pieces hearken back to this time period, especially our Caged Heart Pendant for King and Queen Baby. Our handm...