V-Day at K-Baby Studio!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and King Baby Studio is ready to rock out with you and your loved ones! In addition to it being designer/owner Mitchell Binder’s birthday, February 14 became a lover’s day around the high middle ages in the circle of Chaucer, and courtly love really began flourishing in the 15th century with affections such as flowers, sweets, and letters. Some of our pieces hearken back to this time period, especially our Caged Heart Pendant for King and Queen Baby.

Our handmade pieces are such a personal touch for the ones you love. Each piece takes on a different persona for the person who wears it, bringing a very unique quality to our works of art. We are inspired by many different materials, including pearls, silver, gold, diamonds, and CZ. We incorporate the most beautiful parts of each to personalize our work for you and the people you love. To snag Free Shipping online now through Valentine’s Day, use the Promo Code LOVEKING. Also, when you shop in-store at our Santa Monica and Nashville locations, you pay No Sales Tax through Valentine’s Day!

Whether it comes to jewelry that is full of heart, or in the shape of an actual heart, we’ve got you covered here at King Baby Studio.

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