Denim Jacket w/ Leather Sleeves Flag Lined Custom Cuff


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In this revamped King Baby denim jacket, there's a distinct flair evident, reminiscent of the brand's iconic Americana roots. Echoing the classic motif, vintage cotton American flag adorns the sleeve lining and cuffs, a nod to King Baby's signature design aesthetic. Contrasting with the rich texture of smooth black ecstasy leather, these fabrics create a captivating synergy, blending tradition with contemporary style seamlessly. Adding to its charm is the western cut ecstasy leather collar, offering versatility whether worn popped up for show or elegantly down. This jacket embodies the essence of King Baby's unique craftsmanship, blending heritage with innovation in every detail.

  • Ecstasy leather sleeves, cuffs and collar
  • Size Medium King Baby Denim Everyday Jacket
  • Vintage American flag lined sleeves and cuffs
  • King Baby signature loop alloy zipper pull & alloy star snap detail
  • Crown shaped back of collar


    Shoulder to Shoulder: 18.5 inches

    Chest: 23.5 inches

    Waist: 20.5 inches

    Sleeve: 27 inches

    Length: 29.5 inches