Seeing Stars Carhartt Active Jacket


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This jacket is an intriguing and seamless fusion that is a statement piece and rotation staple. The ruggedness and durability of Carhartt combined with the edgy, statement-making style of King Baby create a unique garment that is sure to turn heads.

The attention to detail with domed silver mercury dime buttons and bleached flag ornamentation adds a touch of luxury to what is traditionally a utilitarian piece of clothing. Incorporating vintage Americana elements pays homage to our brand roots while injecting a sense of nostalgia and authenticity into the design. Moreover, the practicality of the jacket cannot be overlooked. With its ample pockets and blanket lining, it offers both functionality and warmth, making it ideal for varying weather conditions.

This one-of-one jacket offers a fresh take on classic Americana style, allowing wearers to make a bold fashion statement while still embracing a rugged and practical style ethos. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of both brands and the ability to innovate and surprise in unexpected ways.

  • Size Medium Carhartt active jacket
  • Vintage Bleached American Flag throughout
  • Blanket lining
  • Spray painted logo on back
  • Vintage American domed silver mercury dime buttons
  • King Baby interior pockets with custom label

Shoulder to Shoulder: 17 inches
Chest: 21 inches
Waist: 21 inches
Sleeve: 27 inches
Length: 27 inches