Mitchell Binder’s Skull Series Continues with Third Sculpture Reveal

Mitchell Binder’s Skull Series Continues with Third Sculpture Reveal

king baby silver skull sculpture

The exciting skull sculpture series from King Baby Founder and Chief Designer, Mitchell Binder, continues to shine! Binder recently released the third installment for purchase and it is just as pristine and exquisitely designed as the first two sculptures that came before it. This exclusive series of nearly life-size, sterling silver skull sculptures shows fans the many ways that Mitchell’s designs have continued to push boundaries and evolve into an entirely new level of artistry in the past year. In fact, the newest sculpture has fans excited about the many possibilities of what iconic designs are to come in the years ahead.

The latest edition to the series is another labor of love and took almost six months to complete. The sculpture, which is hand carved with blue sapphires, white diamonds, and 18k gold, clearly shows that Mitchell and his team have expertly perfected the process of casting, assembling, and soldering larger one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The intricate detail involved in not only stone placement, but the hand carving itself, does not go unnoticed by the artisan eye.

The main difference between this skull and its predecessors (apart from the exact, individual designs of each) is that this third sculpture uses quite a bit more gold and larger gemstones than the previous two. This piece truly sparkles! In fact, the uniquely intentional use of gold over the brow of the skull gives this sculpture an even more regal feel, making it the future star of any true King Baby collection.


Just like the other two sculptures that came before it, this dazzling piece will come encased in a King Baby glass display with a sterling silver etched plate autographed by Mitchell himself. Currently, this new installment is on display at the flagship King Baby Santa Monica store for those who want to see this work of art in person… and believe us, you definitely want to witness this piece firsthand! If this new skull is any indication of how intricate and powerful the rest of the series will be, King Baby fans should keep their eyes peeled for the remaining iconic designs that are surely to come from this exciting, new series.


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