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What Makes A Piece of Jewelry An Heirloom?

What Makes A Piece of Jewelry An Heirloom?

January 18, 2016

Hefty, substantial, precisely crafted, communicating a maverick attitude that is uniquely American, King Baby’s rings, pendants, bracelets and accessories are individually hand-made to last, both physically and esthetically.

“Heirloom” is a word first found in 15th-Century English, a hybrid from ayre lome. An heir is the recipient of treasures that are handed down between generations; a “loom” is a tool, an implement, with which the heir can make a living or enrich his or her life in a meaningful way.

Heirloom jewelry is classical in form and style. It adheres to design principles of quality, appearance and significance that have stood the test of time; it is made of precious and semi-precious natural materials; it embodies memorable aspects of its era; it is not mass-produced. King Baby designs exemplify all of those elements: when you adorn yourself with a piece of Mitchell Binder’s meticulously crafted body-art, you’re wearing a piece of jewelry that not only projects your own bold personality -- it is unique and can be treasured by generations to come.