A Marriage of Two American Icons

A Marriage of Two American Icons

Indian Motorcycle® is proud to announce the Indian by King Baby® jewelry line.

In the King Baby tradition, every item makes bold statement, incorporating Indian’s famous trademarks and projecting the muscular beauty that Indian Motorcycle® has built into its bikes for more than a century.  American-made down to their last molecule, Indian’s massively elegant bikes and King Baby’s iconic jewelry make an ideal marriage of attitude, originality and exquisite craftsmanship.

The collection will be sold exclusively at KingBaby.com, King Baby stores and select Indian Motorcycle® dealerships.  



As a youngster coming up in Jackson, Mississippi, Mitchell Binder was fascinated with motorcycles and the maverick culture that embraced big, noisy American machines. He admired the way outlaw riders adorned themselves with in-your-face insignias and relics that shocked delicate sensibilities: they said “Keep Out!” to anyone not prepared to live a defiant, outsider lifestyle. Mitchell absorbed the power of this motif into his veins but also, as a budding artist, suspected there were ways it could be polished into a statement just as emotionally stirring, but more refined.

Mitchell moved to Los Angeles in the early 70’s, apprenticed himself to a jewelry maker and started developing his own designs. It was a heady time of rock ‘n’ roll, non-conformism and experimentation. While fully committed to the counterculture, Mitchell kept his head about him, focusing on his personal aesthetic and the demanding skills required to express it in cast metal and natural materials.


It was no accident that Mitchell’s elegant-yet-provocative jewelry caught the attention of rockers and film personalities who wanted to project their individuality. What is a celebrity but someone who radiates an intoxicating aura of uniqueness and daring? Mitchell didn’t merely sell jewelry to heavyweights like Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, Kid Rock and Jennifer Lopez -- he got to know them and to understand how he could help them express their distinctive selves, becoming a friend and collaborator to some of the best-known faces on the planet. In 2000, he founded King Baby®, whose style and impact is today synonymous, the world over, with Mitchell’s byline: “For the Chosen Few.”


The Indian Motorcycle® brand reflects that same guiding principle. Its bikes date from the first days of the 20th Century, when internal combustion was in its infancy. Though the original design -- America’s first motorcycle -- was basically a bicycle-with-a-motor, by 1905 Indian had developed its first monster V-Twin and soon dominated the racing scene. Through two world wars and a depression, Indian maintained its reputation: to be ridden by the intrepid.

In 2011, Polaris Industries acquired Indian Motorcycle and breathed magic into its legendary designs. Blending modern manufacturing technology with traditional style, the company began producing the biggest, burliest, most impressive motorcycles anyone had seen in several generations. American road warriors were ready for a choice of massive V-Twin hogs, and the new Indian Motorcycle gave it to them.

Mitchell Binder’s meticulously hand-crafted, Indian-inspired jewelry line captures the spirit of the chosen few who might aspire to ride such a machine. 

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