Hey Guys!

This is officially my first Blog entry. I’m a bit technologically challenged so bear with me while Vlad and Jessica help me limp along here. I plan on writing as often as time allows to keep all the King Baby fans updated on what’s happening here at the studio and what we plan on doing next… And let me tell you we have a lot going on!! 2010 has already proved to be an exciting and challenging year. Let me just get it out there up front, the most challenging part of this year has been the passing of my Mother. She was my biggest fan and obviously a big part of who I am. She was the only person that truly understood me. Don’t want to get too melancholy especially for my first blog, but I felt I have to put it out there.

Now to some news;

I just returned from New York where I was scouting locations for a new Stand alone King Baby Store. We checked out places in the meat packing district, SOHO, NOHO, Bleeker Street in the West Village and more. I must have walked 5 miles in 95 degree heat and humidity and I loved it! Almost fainted three times. So keep posted for what develops. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot in NYC!


We also are working on a line of eyewear. This has been a passion of mine for a while and like everything, nothing’s easy. We are definitely forging ahead and developing some sweet shades. To get a sneak peek, check out some of the concept artwork,

We are always improving our web-site with the help of Zsolt our expert IT guy along with Amanda, Ben, Lars and really everyone contributes. The new and custom pieces are going to be easier to locate in the next few weeks. The New items will be flagged and custom pieces will have its own section.

To wrap this first blog entry up I wanted to talk about our new Americana Collection which is on the way. The collection is very patriotic, based on motifs that inspire strength, loyalty and of course Made in America. From stars and stripes, eagles and vintage military icons I have put together a very strong collection. Actually my most recent tattoo was inspired by the sketches of our eagle motif. Being born and raised in the South I found a lot of inspiration for this collection in my Southern roots as well as the history of the civil war which I have been fascinated with since I was a kid. Where I come from some still believe the South won the war. These new pieces should hit the stores in August and September so keep your eye out.

Stay tuned!!

Thanks for your support.

Best always,


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