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The Making of the King Baby Espresso Coffee Set

I love espresso! So of course it was a natural to make a unique espresso set King Baby Style. The pic below is of the hand carved wax cups that are being prepped to cast in silver. I thought it would be cool to use the Day of the Dead motif for this project and couldn’t resist making the cups skulls. Am I the only one that thinks drinking espresso out of a skull makes sense?

The coffee pot itself was very challenging. We made it out of a single sheet of sterling silver. Very thick, very heavy and of course we had to make sue that there were no leaks.

The ebony wood handle is supported by the silver skull ring that is soldered on to the pot. This keeps the handle cool and is strong enough to support the pot when it’s filled with coffee. The picture shows the pot oxidized (black) before any polishing has taken place.

Fresh out of casting with a couple of spoons.

This shows a bit of detail of the tray. I used the same skulls and hand hammered flat wire to create the scroll work. We piece all this together like a puzzle and then solder them in place onto the tray.

Detail of the Skull cup with ebony wood handle to keep the handle cool to the touch.

Here’s the finished set all together. 4 cups, spoons and the pot on the silver tray. Coffee never tasted so good….

This set finds it’s home on the King Baby yacht. Not too bad. I have only made three of these complete sets and all are signed and numbered on the bottom of the tray. Enjoy!
Interested in getting your own Custom King Baby Espresso Set? Call us at 310.828.4438 for more info and pricing!

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