Mitchell is always “re-inventing” the skull and looking for new ways to modernize this fashionable motif. Pictured above are a few (but far from all) of the designs Mitchell has introduced, giving us many options with skull designed jewelery and accessories. In many ways the skull is a way to add instant edge to any outfit and pairs just as comfortably with a motorcycle jacket as it does with an oversized flowy blouse. Attitude is the key to pulling off the look and the attitude depends on how you look at skulls.

Sure the skull could be seen as a “bad-ass” edgy design and that’s of course the King Baby style, but the skull has a surprising back story as far as symbolism goes. Here’s what we found out about this design, “Mostly understood as a symbol of warning, the skull was often used by ancient cultures to ward off any type of evil influence or illness. It’s philosophically viewed as the seat of intelligence, spirit and the spark of human life. Interestingly, the skull is also the remnant of the body that is the least resistant to decay – another sign of its strength as a symbol. Many primitive cultures believed wearing skulls would insure protection and well-being.” (from whats-your-sign.com)

This is your assurance that when you wear your King and Queen Baby skull jewelry, not only are you the coolest person in the room, you may very well be the most “protected”

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