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The Rotor Chain Bracelet

The Rotor Chain Bracelet

Ten years ago, Mitchell Binder caught sight of a helicopter drive-chain, the multilink monster that transfers horizontal circular motion to vertical circular motion, driving the rotor shaft and making the big machine go up and down. He thought it was a cool look, and made a few prototype components. But he wasn’t sure what to do with the whole idea...yet.

The years have elapsed and King Baby’s new Rotor Link Bracelets are making their debut in the Birth of Americana Collection. The bracelets -- in two sizes -- combine Mitchell’s favorite production techniques: casting, fabricating and engraving, all in one burly, assertive statement. Mechanical pins hold the links firmly, but allow even the large, seven-row model a freedom of movement that creates a liquid, form-fitting comfort.

Mitchell has been wearing the Rotor Link Bracelet for a couple of weeks, as he does with any new design before he’s sure it’s ready for his Chosen customers. In his words, “I’m really happy with the results.” King Baby doesn’t sell jewelry until it’s ready, even if that takes ten years.


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