Glenn Hughes Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

When Glenn Hughes stood on that stage in Brooklyn -- clearly a maverick in his wide-striped suit, dripping with Roll ‘n’ Roll jewelry -- Mitchell Binder was justifiably proud to see a Top Hat Turquoise ring on the Deep Purple bassist’s finger, big and bold enough to play to the back rows of the theater. It was the feeling a writer gets, seeing his novel on the Best-Seller list. Or a painter admiring his own work on the wall at MOMA. Or a custom jeweler watching his good friend earn long-delayed recognition for a monumental contribution to rock music while wearing a King Baby hand-crafted ring for the world to see.  That’s how Mitchell felt, and you’d feel the same.

Glenn Hughes, like so many of King Baby’s customers, isn’t just a customer. He’s a fan and a hang-out buddy. He knows that Mitchell’s designs come from the same inner creative place that makes music, literature -- any art possible, so he appreciates more than just the product. He appreciates the man behind the product. King Baby - and Mitchell - returns the sentiment.