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So, What's With the Skulls?

So, What's With the Skulls?

April 14, 2016

When Mitchell Binder was a rebellious young maverick, the idea appealed to him of startling -- even shocking -- people with jewelry that featured the human headbone, post-mortem. Early adopters became so passionate about their iconic skull pieces that when, after a few years, Mitchell decided to take a break from that particular motif, cries of anguish were heard all the way to Santa Monica. Skulls quickly returned to the King Baby line-up, with variations on the classic design appearing in each new collection of rings, bracelets and pendants.

Over the passage of time, Mitchell has come to a more nuanced understanding of the power this symbol exerts over the human mind. Yes, it tends to shock, because it penetrates the shield that holds thoughts of mortality at bay. It creates a tingle of fear somewhere down in the soul -- but Mitchell sees it as a healthy fear that reminds us to celebrate our existence, precisely because it doesn’t last forever. One of Mitchell’s favorite expressions of this sentiment is the life-affirming Day of the Dead, which has inspired many of his skull designs. The notion of blending that small twinge of morbid terror with a call to Carpe Diem! is central to the appeal of King Baby skull jewelry -- a typically in-your-face style, but with a layer or two of emotional impact lying below the surface.


To be of the Chosen Few, you must acknowledge Death, but rejoice in Life.