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King Baby is about to come out with a new jewelry collection, aptly named AMERICAN CRAFT. Mitchell Binder is American, the materials that go into his jewelry designs are sourced in the United States, and each individual piece is handmade from scratch in Santa Monica, CA and Nashville, TN.

In this video Mitchell speaks of how, through most of history, everything was made by hand, down to the forged spikes that held railroad tracks to their ties. Relatively recently, people have grown so accustomed to mass-produced goods that they’re astonished when they see the way King Baby jewelry comes to life: one piece at a time, crafted by skilled, experienced hands using equipment most of which would have been familiar to jewelers, iron-mongers and metalworkers going back hundreds of years. 

The American Craft Collection is Mitchell’s way of celebrating the heft and solidity of America’s past, as seen in our railroads, our industry and the everyday experience of living with unique items that rely on the skillful, expert touch of individual craftsmen.

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